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Foreigners can apply to the governorship of the province they reside in Turkey to gain Turkish Citizenship. They can apply to Turkish Representations abroad if they are outside the country. After collecting the required documents for the application for Turkish Citizenship, foreigners can apply for Turkish Citizenship on their own or appoint a lawyer on their behalf. In the case of a lawyer appointed for the Citizenship application, the power of attorney letter must be a "special power of attorney." Since completing the application properly and correctly is vital, we recommend working with a lawyer for the Turkish Citizenship application.

List of Required Documents for Turkish Citizenship Application:

— 2 biometric photographs

— A properly-filled application form

— Documents such as ID card, birth certificate, or copy of civil registration

— If the applicant is married, a copy of civil registration of the family, ID cards of the spouse, children

— If the applicant is divorced in their home country, a document indicating the divorce,

— If the applicant's spouse has passed away in their home country, a document indicating it,

— Identity card, passport, or other documents that indicate the nationality of the applicant

— If the applicant does not belong to any state as a citizen, is stateless (heimatlos), a document showing this situation

— Documents showing that the applicant does not have any disease that may harm public health

— A document issued by the Provincial Security Directorate showing that the applicant has not spent more than 6 months abroad within 5 years until the date of application.

— Residence permit to cover the possible date the application process will be concluded

— If there is a punishment against the applicant, a certified document taken from the authorities of the relevant country

— Receipt of the paid application and service fees

The application form for Turkish Citizenship is available on the website of the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs of Turkey. In the application form, information about the applicant, his spouse and children, if any, must be included. Also, it is essential to pay attention to the following points when filling out the application form:

— Name and surname must be written without typos.

— Identity information should be filled out based on the Turkish translation of the approved identity documents.

— It is vital to fill out the application form via computer. All letters must be capitalized, and the font must be "Arial" with size 8. If the applicant does not have the opportunity to use a computer, it can also be filled with a ballpoint pen.

— If the applicant wants to obtain a Turkish name and surname, the relevant area must be filled out accordingly. Otherwise, the applicant's current name and surname should be typed with Turkish characters.

These documents are required for all types of Turkish Citizenship applications. It must be noted that the necessary documents may vary according to the application type for Turkish Citizenship. Therefore, we recommend that you appoint a lawyer for your Turkish Citizenship application, so you can avoid any inconvenience.

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